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General overhaul intercooler "Blue Tiger"

Overhaul of the intercooler and new production of water coolers in V2A stainless steel for high performance, low pollution and high durability.

Changing the cooling grids - BR232

Change of the radiator network (lamellar mesh) with increase in efficiency and flow through doubling of the number of tubes with simultaneous weight saving (single element from 45 KG to 30.9 KG reduced dead weight)

Oil cooler

Oil cooler (single or small series) - production of oil coolers (single or small series) for a wide range of requirements according to customer specifications.

General overhaul of transformer oil coolers

Classic loco - General overhaul of transformer oil coolers with higher stability. The original steel cooler had a pressure resistance of 6 bar. The overhaul was carried out using an aluminum radiator network with a test pressure of 24 bar. At the same time, the performance was increased by changing the lamella system.

Oil cooler - rework and repairs

Repairs and improvements to oil coolers of all kinds. In the illustrated cooler, the threaded sockets have been renewed and the radiator repainted with the original color.

Aggregate cooler for Zeppelin power system

General overhaul of a charge air cooler for a large power plant for combined heat and power. The pictures show the condition before and after. The following work has been carried out on these coolers: disassembly, cleaning, sealing surface treatment, thread overhaul, gasket replacement, corrosion protection, caulking, welding, 5 bar testing, original paint finish and delivery.