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Many years of experience over 3 generations (since 1933) made us to specialists in the following products:

Specialised in:

  • Repairing of any kind, material and size of Radiators
  • Tanks
  • Intercoolers
  • Oilcoolers
  • Heat-Exchangers
  • Motor-Cycle-Coolers (Suzuki, Yamaha, any type)
  • Heavy-Duty-Machines Coolers (Generators, Construction-Machines, and more!
  • Core-Exchange
  • High-Pressure-Radiators (testable up to 60 bar)
  • Aluminium-Radiators
  • High pressure aluminum radiator
  • High pressure stainless steel radiator
  • High pressure copper cooler
  • High pressure titanium cooler

New Aluminium-Radiators (Oil, Water, Fuel, Turbo-Charge, Air,) and Core-Change or modifications on existing radiators.

Special Handmade complete Radiators or Core Change of Water-, Oil- or Air-Coolers
Oldtimer, Construction-Machines (with Heavy-Duty-Cores more Powerful than the Original, Special Productions for better self-cleaning), Generators, Compressor-Coolers. Give us a drawing, we will build the radiator you want, with the options you want.

High-pressure radiator
The new coolers are designed according to the requirements. A variety of materials are used (titanium, stainless steel, copper, aluminum) to meet all environmental influences, product requirements and the aggressiveness of the cooling media.

Productions and power exchange
Special coolers, classic car coolers, construction cooler (with power increase), aggregate cooler. We build the cooler that you want according to your specifications. Thus, even high pollution or aggressive environmental influences can be counteracted to maximize the durability of a heat exchanger.

Repairing of damaged, coroded, crashed or simply leaking Radiators. No matter whether it is a Oil-, Water-Cooler, Heater, Intercooler, Tank, Retarder, Tube-Bundle-Cooler, - Everything that cools, heats or has to be un-leaking.

German wide service for:

  • Special cooler for maximum performance and durability     Custom-made and replicas with performance modification
  • Cooler changes for the tropics, heavy soiling, aggressive media
  • Large cooler for power plants
  • And much more - we look forward to every challenge

 If you have further questions about us and our products, please send an e-mail to or use our contact form.